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In last two decades, the Indian subcontinent has witnessed very fast development in industrial sector and all sovereign states of India are devotedly participating in this endeavor.

A phenomenal growth in terms of industrial and infrastructure facilities to match the international standards and to accommodate the pressure of socio-economic development is taking place. Government policies on Globalization have opened the Indian markets for the leading multinational companies. This has made a revolution in the market and invited throat cutting competition.

Water being one of the most important commodities required for any industrial project and is the main concern before initiating any developmental activity. Ground water is the major source of water in the area and its sustainability is one of the major concerns of the company.

As per the new guidelines issued by CGWA effected from 16/11/2015, all existing Industries/projects which are drawing ground water and have not obtained NOC for ground water withdrawal from Central Ground Water Authority either due to its coming into existence prior to formation of CGWA or due to exemption from obtaining NOC as per earlier guidelines, are supposed to apply to CGWA for NOC for ground water withdrawal with immediate effect.

This is applicable to States/UT’s in which regulation of ground water withdrawal is being done by CGWA.

The application has to be submitted online and the grant of NOC would be considered as per prevailing guidelines. It is also mandatory for these industries/projects to submit water quality report of effluents, if any, vetted by competent authority.

The company has taken up hydrogeological studies in and around the area of project appraising ground water situation to implement artificial recharge program.